Giannades squer

The village of Giannades is located in the central west of Corfu around 18 km away from Corfu Town. It is the biggest village in the surrounding with many houses and approx. 600 inhabitants.

Giannades was originally established closer to the coast above the sea, but due to constant pirate raids, the inhabitants relocated to a saver location around the 16th century. On an altitude of 150 meters, the village Giannades has a perfect view over a great part of the island from Mt. Pantokrator over Ropa Valley all the way far to the Albanian and Ipiros mountains.

The old village is situated on the southern part of the village. A small paved alley passes the picturesque old houses and leads to a beautiful old mansion. Often painters sit there with water colors and pencils. When the arch and the second garden is passed, right there on the right side a wine peaks out from behind the next stone house. There is Spiti Meraki.

The village has a very well supplied supermarket with a great variety of local fruits and vegetables, fresh eggs, local olive oil and a freezer cabinet. Fresh bread can be bought in the bakery, fresh meat at the butcher and the post can be picked up at the post office (supermarket). There are two more mini markets in the village and a kiosk, open all day.

In the late afternoon you can find Marangos Grill room open, located directly at the main square. One can enjoy charcoal grilled meat and local grill specialities while watching the darkness falling over Ropa Valley. Next to the grill room you find Café Odeon and above the square the Creperie.

The main village square is one of the most sensational of the island. Around the 14th and 15th of August the locals hold their Panegiri (day of the church patron). The square is transformed into a fiesta place where music, dance and food entertain every generation.

tristrato bar

At the entrance of the village, down at the crossroad there is the famous Tristrato Bar. The owner is known on the island for hospitality, great meze’ (local snacks) and for his live events, which during the summertime fill the Saturday night air with a joyful and rocky breeze.

A few kilometers further down the road lies the Theotoki Estate. Since generations they produce olive oil and a fabulous wine. The estate is open every day for purchases and visits.

Many inhabitants of the village have plots of land where they grow vegetable, fruits and hold chickens, sheep and goats.  Some young people dedicating themselves to nature, “World of Mother Nature”, they are called and if you wish, they provide information, sell handmade products, teas and give old, clean and healthy seeds to everybody who asks for.

Yali beach

Behind the hill, there is the beach of Giannades, known as the “Secret Gem” of the island, called Yali. It is accessible only by boat or climbing/walk. It is a small bay with a mix of rough sand and small pebbles with breathtaking clean water, beautiful underwater sea life and a very peaceful atmosphere.

ATTENTION You need a basic knowledge of climbing and good walking shoes or trainers. There is no network signal  on Yali beach and you are absolutely walking at your own risk!

Giannades village is proud to be on the Corfu trail route, established in 2001. Many walkers pass the village, wandering around and glimpsing into the narrow alleys, to then continue their way along the 220 km Corfu’s natural paths  into a landscape untouched by the tourism, delving through the central countryside which visitors rarely discover and explore.

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