0. What means Spiti Meraki?

Spiti is the Greek word for house.

Meraki (Greek word) means: When you put a piece of yourself, soul, creativity or love into your work. When you put your entire self into something that shows love and happiness. The gracious being of your soul shines through and it manifests into the world.

1. How far are Corfu town, the airport and port?

18 km, by car it will take you around 20 min. (other distances see below)

2. Should I rent a car or scooter?

We recommend that you rent a car or scooter as the beaches are not in front of the door and the island is quiet big and great to explore. You can bring your own car by ferry boat from Italy (Anek lines).

3. Where I can rent a car or scooter?

The best would be you book a car already from home. There are some convenient websites that give you the cheapest and always up to date information on cars on holiday islands. On that way you can pick up your car already from the airport on your arrival. The closest place from Spiti Meraki to rent a car or scooter is in Ermones (Mega Car Hire).

4. Is there a car access to the house?

No, but the village of Giannades provides a free public parking just underneath the main square. The walk to the house is part of the magic as you will feel thrown back in times walking the small alleys, passing through the old part of the village.

5. How far is the closest beach?

3 km (Ermones) by public road or Yali beach by walk (approx. 45 min.)

6. Where is the closest bank and ATM mashine.

The closest bank is in Corfu town and there are ATM machines in Paleokastritsa and Ag. Gordis.

7. Do locals speak English?

Some of them speak English because they work in tourism. Some of them also speak German, Italian and Spanish. This is a perfect opportunity to throw yourself into learning some Greek and you should not be shy experimenting with your new knowledge.

8. Is it safe to walk through the village/nature/forest of Giannades?

Absolutely, there is no safer place on earth, we encourage you to explore not only around Giannades but all the island.

9. Is there a public bus transportation to the beach?

No, unfortunately not, but there is a public bus running twice a day to the Corfu town.

10. Is there living somebody next door? 

As you see on the image, Spiti Meraki is a detached house. Angelina, a very quiet and friendly old Greek lady and her nephew come every year to spend their Summer holidays there. The house is very well separated and you will not be disturbed by anyone. The old estate, also attached to Spiti Meraki is not inhabited. The closest neighbours are in front of the house just under Spiti Meraki.

11. How good is the supply in the mini markets of the village? 

Very good. You will find all the basic things there. In total there are 3 mini markets, post office, local bakery, local butcher, grill tavern and a kiosk that is open all day long.

12. What is the working time of the shops in the village?

They are open from 08:00 till 14:00 and in the afternoon reopen at 18:30 till 22:30.

13. Can I pay with the credit card in the shops of the village?

The shops don’t accept card payments. You should have always cash with you in the pocket also when you drive around the island.

14. Do I have sea view from Spiti Meraki?

No, but there is a breathtaking countryside view offering a wide view over a big part of the island all the way far to the Albanian and Ipiros mountains. On a clear day you can see a small part of the sea on the other side of the island.

15. Is there aircondition in the sleeping/living room?

No, in the sleeping room there  is a ceiling fan, which is enough to provide you with fresh air and it is also a much healthier refreshing solution. In the living room there is no need for any cooling system because the thick stone walls provide a cool temperature during the summer time. When you are in the house you should keep the doors and windows open to always have a breeze coming through.

16. Is there a washing machine in the house?

Yes,  and you are welcome to it.

17. Are linen and bath towels provided?

Yes, fresh linen and towels are provided every week and are included in the price. The cleaning service will pass once a week (obligatory), please see rates.

18. Should i bring my own beach towels?


19. Is there a TV?

No, but there is fast Broad Band internet connection, bring your laptop.

20. Can I drink the water from the tap?

The water from the tap is NOT drinkable. You can buy your drinking water in the mini market.

21. Is there a hair dryer?


22. Is there a garden?

No, but there is a beautiful “open air terrace” with a stunning view and a stone bench and table on the entrance area where you can enjoy shade under the wine pergola.

23. What I should I know about staying in a traditional village as Giannades?

Respecting the locals is a must. They are not on holiday and all of them work hard in their jobs or on their fields.  Siesta hours are from 14:00 till 18:00 and after 23:30 till 07:00.

24. What should I know about safety in the village?

Giannades  is really safe place. Close doors and windows (or shutters) when you leave the house. There are no breaking in in houses but for your own safety, leave your gold and diamonds at home.

25. Can I do recycling?

Yes, general recycle bin for paper, plastic and cans is provided in the house and the blue containers in the village are for recycle materials.

26. Am I going to cut my self if I am walking bare feet on the tiles in Spiti Meraki?


27. Can I borrow the books in the library?

Yes, we are very happy if want to borrow one of the books, but please remember that they are all property of Spiti Meraki and some of them are our favorites. Keep them save and bring them back where you found them at your arrival. We have books in German, Italian, English and Serbian language.

28. I don’t like to cook at all, can I eat somewhere close by?

There are great restaurants not far from Giannades but if you don’t like to drive far, ask at Tristrato Bar. They can make you a special price if you are not up for cooking every day or don’t like to go in restaurants.

29. Other things I should know? 

Loo paper. To counter the element of surprise, the Corfiots don’t pipe sewerage into the sea, so please ensure that toilet paper (cotton wool, sanitary items etc.) go in the bins provided and not in the loo. This avoids potential blockages in your bathrooms and, or damage to the eco waste system we have installed. This rule applies to all toilets throughout Corfu.

30. Distances?

International Airport (Kapodistrias Airport): 18 km

Corfu Port: 18 km

Corfu Town: 18 km

Corfu Central Bus Station: 18 km

Nearest Drugstore: 5 km

Gas Station: 3 km

Nearest Mini Market: 200 m

Nearest Medical Centre: 18 km

Taxi Center: 3 km

Nearest Drugstore: 5 km

Gas Station: 3 km

Closest beach: 45 min walk

Closest beach: 4 km (driving)

Nearest Restaurant: 200 m

Night Life (Discos etc): 8 km

Cafe-Bar: 200 m

Diving Center: 4 km

Corfu Golf Court: 4 km

If there are questions that you have and they are not answered in our F.A.Q. please don’t be shy to ask.